“We supply the highest quality bamboo fully installed from $79/m²” Michael Nicholls
Director of Brisbane Floors

We Sell and Install Bamboo Flooring!

Square Option – Final (Resize)
Technical Specifications

Board Dimensions: 1800 x 118 x 12mm | 1850 x 135 x 14mm

Valinge 5G Locking System

Product Data:

– Solid strandwoven bamboo flooring

– Semi-gloss Finish

– 12 coatings for scratch resistance

Suitable for Commercial and Domestic Installations

Embelton Square Option – Final (Resize)

Embelton Bamboo’s range offers a stylish, sleek and classic finish. Popular with architects and home owners alike, bamboo flooring is valued for its durability, sustainability and stylish appearance. Its density and exceptional hardness make it a wise flooring choice, while having the additional benefit of being environmentally friendly too.

Technical Specifications

Board Dimensions: 1850 x 125 x 14mm

Unilin Locking System

Product Data:

– Solid strandwoven bamboo flooring

– Semi-gloss Finish

– 12 coatings for scratch resistance

Suitable for Commercial and Domestic Installations


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About Us

With each of our staff having more than 10 years experience in the timber flooring industry, we know timber and we know tough and aesthetically appealing polyurethane coatings! We do not settle for mediocrity, we have an eye for detail and we finish off well.


Why Use Bamboo Flooring?

A timber floor unlike any other functional and aesthetic furnishing in your home is expected to look great for a long time, despite receiving a pounding by thousands of footsteps per day! If you haven’t yet seen an Embelton Strand-Woven Bamboo Floor and you’re considering flooring options for your home or business, then you’re in for a pleasant surprise. We love the stuff. It has everything we all want in a timber floor; Its beautiful, tough as nails, structurally stable, and will enhance any room or space its introduced to! Yes, strand woven bamboo is not just stylish and attractive but of equal importance one of the hardest timber floors available!


Our Bamboo Quality

Grade A high quality bamboo sourced from a veteran manufacturer and distributed by a veteran Australian timber flooring supplier.

Its quality is backed by a 25 year manufacturing warranty that we’re certain you wont need!

Hardness Chart

The scientific process for determining hardness is called the Janka method. It’s performed by calculating the force required to half imbed a 11mm steel ball into the timber. The chart below is a hardness comparison of the Embelton strand woven bamboo we supply and install with many popular timber flooring species. Of course soft coatings negate the benefits of hard flooring. We have samples for you to test that we’re certain will leave you impressed with the extreme durability of the finish on the bamboo we use.

Mixed Hardwood (average)
Spotted gum
Grey ironbark
Hoop pine
Strand woven bamboo

What others are saying…

You have done an excellent job. The floor looks great both the sanding and polishing upstairs and the bamboo downstairs. We are very impressed with the bamboo floors, the neatness of the scotia, and the thorough clean-up you did at the end. Well done. Michael & Sue Albany Creek

Why Use Our Company and Partners

When you purchase a bamboo floor you surely want to know that the timber itself is structurally stable and sound, and there is strong theoretical and practical knowledge involved in the manufacturing of your bamboo floor. Would you feel confident in your purchase knowing that a 40 year old Australian timber flooring company has been collaborating with the manufacturer of your bamboo floor for decades? Of course! It makes the purchase and installation of an Embelton bamboo floor by Brisbane Floors an easy decision.

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