Frequently Asked Questions

Bamboo Supply and Installation

What protective coating is used?

No doubt you want the company that supplies and installs your floor to have diverse experience and technical knowledge in the application of all floor coatings since your bamboo floor is only as durable as the coating system used to beatify and protect it.

An important note; the look and wear of your bamboo timber floor is to a large degree crucially dependant on the quality of the coating.

We have no doubt that you will be impressed by the appearance and wear properties of the coating on the bamboo we use. It serves to accentuate the bamboo’s beautiful natural tones while protecting your floor from premature wear. Our bamboo is protected and enhanced by a 10-12 coat European application system.

Which bamboo product do we use?

Our supply partner Embelton Flooring has been a leading national supplier of the Australian timber flooring industry for over 40 years. We choose to use the high quality strand woven bamboo they supply. They’re not a fly by night company, they’ve been around a long time and they’ll without doubt still be around for the life of your floor and long after.

They stand behind their product range with a 25 year residential and 10 year commercial warranty. If you encounter any difficulties which we highly doubt, your concern will be quickly and efficiently addressed.

Is there a warranty?

Of course. 25 year residential and 10 year commercial. Don’t settle for a company who may not be around in 5 years to honour a warranty should you have any concerns.

You say that strand woven bamboo is tough as nails, how hard is it?

It is considerably harder than many Australian hardwoods. i.e. Jarrah, Brushbox, Spotted Gum etc. Check out our graph on the home page to find an actual hardness comparison with Australian hardwoods. The Janka method for determining hardness is performed by calculating the force required to half imbed a 11mm steel ball into the timber.

Why is Bamboo Flooring referred to as a environmentally sustainable choice?

Most hardwood is sourced from forests that take anywhere from 40-100 years to reach sufficient maturity to produce timber flooring. Bamboo plantations mature in 5-7 years making bamboo flooring a environmentally sustainable choice.

How is it made and what about VOC (Harmful) emissions?

Strandwoven bamboo flooring is manufactured by shaving bamboo into thin strands. An adhesive with an extremely low emission rating that meets rigorous European standards (E1) is added to bind the strands together and subsequently pressed under great pressure and heat. The resulting slab of bamboo is thereafter cut into pales and left to dry for a full month.

This important process allows for moisture release and achieves structural stability before the bamboo is machined and coated.

How hard is the coating applied?

We have samples for you to test that we’re sure will leave you convinced of the impressive durability of the finish used. As for the detail, 10-12 coats of European waterborne polyurethane is applied using a UV curing process. An aluminium oxide additive is applied to the final few coats achieving a hardness and strength that is unrivalled.

We’ve been applying floor coatings for almost 20 years and remain impressed by the superiority of the coatings used on the bamboo flooring we supply and install.

Floor Sanding and Polishing

Do I have to move out?

Not always. Obviously if you’re sanding your whole house its necessary, but if not there are convenient options.

A two component water based finish has two great advantages in answer to this question on moving out:

1/ It has a low odour and is non-toxic.

2/ It dries fast and can be walked on with socks after as little as 2-4 hrs.

So depending on the areas to be sanded and the storage of furniture, its entirely possible to remain at home.

Is it costly?

Floor sanding and polishing is still one of the most affordable flooring options.

That’s because you supply the most costly material in achieving a beautiful timber floor: the timber floor under your carpet or floor coverings.

Still, the cost will vary depending on the quality of the workmanship. The industry standard is between 30-40 dollars per square metre depending on the condition of your floor.

How long does it take?

This depends on the areas to be done and often the condition of the timber floor. Generally areas less than 80m2 can be completed in 3-4 days.

Is your work guaranteed?

Absolutely. We only use and recommend quality coatings. We don’t cut costs using inferior coatings.

What floor coatings would you recommend?

We have a definite bias toward using two component water based polyurethane.

It’s non-toxic, fast drying and extremely hard wearing. We’ve used most two component products available and believe we have found the best. LOBA Duo is a german made water based polyurethane that we use and recommend. All our customers have been thrilled with the outcome.

The sheen level is extremely consistent. Due to it’s rapid drying time very little dust presents in the finish.

We do of course continue to use solvent based polyurethanes for most high gloss requests and for customers that have budget constraints.

Why should we use your company?

We combine our depth of knowledge and experience with high end machinery to achieve a superior result on every floor. We are also prompt, friendly and easy to deal with.

What should we do before you arrive?

Prepare the floorboard area.

Although we offer a complete service of carpet or floor covering removal, many of our clients choose to attend to that themselves.

The following will contribute to a smooth process that will save you time and keep costs down:

  • You’ll need to relocate all furniture from areas to be sanded and coated
  • Floor coverings including nails, tacks and staples will need to be taken up
  • A general sweep of the area will suffice

What Customers are Saying..

“Very Happy with the final result. All the staff were excellent to deal with.

They were quick, efficient and have great attention to detail.

They made sure we were happy with the final result.”

Simon & Julie

“The team at Custom Floor did a fantastic job in polishing our floors!! I would absolutely recommend them! They had great communication and turned up exactly when they said they would, making the whole process painless. Not a speck of dust was left when they were done either. Thanks Guys!


“Michael did a great job, even repairing a few boards that needed attention. In my opinion, I would only recommend a few tradesmen that I have come across but Michael definitely deserves five stars! He was prompt and worked with our timings.