Bamboo Flooring Care and Maintenance

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As you will see below, there isn’t much required of you as far as maintenance and care goes. Your strand woven bamboo floor is designed to be a durable surface that is low maintenance. Following the simple tips detailed, you will ensure that you maintain your floors stylish finish and that you enjoy it for many years to come.

Preventative Care Tips

An extremely appealing key benefit of your bamboo floor is that it is very easy to maintain. On a daily basis it can be vacuumed or wiped with a well-wrung cloth. At times when necessary use a mop. Carefully follow the instructions of any surface treatment product during maintenance. Do not allow water to remain on the floor and take care when using any stain removal materials such as clothes or products. Applying over the recommended amount or using pressure could affect the finish.

Handy tip: When you use a damp cloth or mop to clean the floor, if wrung correctly it should dry within one minute.

Doormats for both inside and outside a door are a good preventative idea. They will assist in preventing dirt from being brought onto the bamboo floor which can otherwise considerably wear on your floor.

For all furniture that is stationary on the bamboo floor, attach felt or material to their feet to prevent scratches or marks.

Regular Maintenance Tips

It is important to Vacuum or sweep regularly to remove all dirt prior to it having an opportunity to scratch the floor. If dirt is left on the floor in traffic areas, there is a high likelihood of it getting caught underneath feet and travelling across the boards. With the weight of a person this is likely to scratch your bamboo floor.

The recommendation is that you use a damp mop and avoid excessive water. Do not use steam mops on your strand woven bamboo floor and you should avoid any oil based products, wax or liquid as they may affect the finish.

Restoration – Replacement or Repair

If for one reason or another you decide that you would like your bamboo floor re-sanded and polished, it can be sanded and re-coated with a polyurethane or water-based coating. This will restore the appearance of your floor. Please contact us for advice on any sort of restoration required for your bamboo floor. Any restoration should only be completed by a professional.

If a section of your bamboo floor gets damaged there is no need to panic, it can be replaced without needing to re-sand the entire flooring area. In most instances it is possible for the damaged boards to be unclicked and new replacement boards installed with the same colour and style. It is important to note that this is not possible with floors that are adhered directly to surface beneath them.

If you would like more tips to care for your bamboo flooring, feel free to give the Brisbane Floors team a call!

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